Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Wood working

I have recently spent a lot of time, practicing being a carpenter.
There is now, a very comfortable summer house in our garden.

I have been using woodworking tools for as long as I can remember; I just love the smell of wood. My grandson came in to watch me sanding a piece of wood. “Are you making sawdust Granddad?” he said. Well, I was of course; but the purpose was to put a good finish on the wood.

During this build of love, I noticed a few things – and pondered on them while I worked. How often I had used a tenon saw for example. I learned the basics at school, making a teapot stand – it was okay, but not as good as it could have been. I tend to grasp the basics, then just keep going in that same old way – not surprisingly, getting the similar results.

Somehow this building was different. I thought about the Master Carpenter, how he would hold and position the wood. The position of the body was important too, holding control of the saw. There was a new learning here that I would not find in books. It was all about the feel of the cut, that held the saw straight and true. Vanessa tells me, the same is true of knitting – keeping the right tension.

We call this learning process, modelling. By watching and listening closely to the Master Carpenter, looking at the finer detail and getting the feel of it, when we try it ourselves. Your cuts and joints will create a good finish.

We are quite familiar with our bible passages, particularly the ones approaching Easter. As we know the story well, it is tempting to fast forward to Easter Sunday.
  • ·        Watch and wait
  • ·        Go deeper
  • ·        How did the Master feel
  • ·        What can we learn

Try this process, and what you accomplish will be better.


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John Pearson said...

Many thanks for your comments/ encouragement.