Sunday, 24 October 2010

Big Sky


Just the other morning, the sky looked so big; unlike the picture above, the clouds were few and thin. Almost transparent and defined only by the radiant light. P1080915

The more I gazed at the sky, the bigger it seemed; the word canopy, did not fit with my feelings. I was quickly being transported from earthly things; I had a sense that the higher I went, the thinner the curtain would become. There appeared to be a real possibility of passing right through the curtain without even realising it.

Note to morning office:

I lift my eyes unto the Lord.

He is my rock and my salvation.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Night light


Almost everyone had left after evening prayer and I took the opportunity to to capture some of the atmosphere through my lens.  A wonderful weekend conference in Derbyshire with amazing people from Trinidad & Tobago, America and all parts of the British Isles. 

A week later and I have just returned from a lovely walk, and I have brought back with me three reflections; I was joined by a good friend as I listened to her on my teaching CD as I walked. Somewhere on the CD’s she makes reference to walking and always to doing a circuit, i.e. not to come back the same was as you go; well I am quite content to enjoy the view ahead of me and it is so much different on the way back! Also I can calibrate my time and distance better. This time I purposely left my watch, mobile and most of all my camera at home – no distractions.008

Part of my journey took me past allotments these are random plots of land given over to gardening and here, also to some pips and hens. I am fascinated at to ingenuity of people that lay their hands on anything to build shelter, fences, containers to collect water and plastic bottles to blow in the wind and scare away the birds. Lastly I noticed the heavy laden branches of berries, red and black; one particular holly tree seemed more red than green, some would say it is the sign of a hard winter.

Further news on the old binoculars, they have moved to Redcar under the supervision of the little boys father. I on the other hand have been fortunate to borrow a relatively large telescope and at last can see the markings of Jupiter and it’s moons, I can see this being a marvellous distraction these clear winter nights.


Note to evening office:

Without the wind, we cannot hear the trees.