Sunday, 17 February 2013


I walked on a little further and left the path to my right, approaching an edge I heard the river below, my intake of breath was sharp as I realised just how high up I was. Deciding to rest for a while I took out my flask and something to eat; there was a sense of timeless peace, right here where I was resting, it came over me slowly as my body leaned into the place I had sat. My breathing slowed and I became aware of many different sounds, each bird had its own location and purpose, the sounds of the branches moving in the breeze provided the background frequency to this new concerto. The river roar was interspersed with flashes of crisp sounds as it collided with many rocks; I felt my eyes beginning to close as my mind did not want to be distracted by visual content. I don’t recall how long I stayed at this place; it was a time in itself, seeming like an age, yet over too soon, a place on the edge, between one thing and another. I had experienced things before when in meditation, but that was usually in the quietness of the chapel; I wanted to know what was special about this place or was it just about my thoughts that day?  It was as if the volume control of my senses had been turned up high and I had been drawn into the reality of my surroundings, almost like entering from another world. I knew that I wanted more of this.