Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Empty Inbox


There is nothing in the Inbox, no letters through the door and the phones are silent;

I am poised, waiting for something to happen. Something has to happen, otherwise what will I do?

The importance of being ready does not outweigh the act of being found waiting.

It is in the act of creativity for oneself, that grows who we are and to become more complete.

I have a large piece of clean paper, pens, colours and glue; materiel and many ways of joining them together. I have words, thoughts, ideas; visions and dreams. I have things so exciting, they scare me and feelings that take my breath away.

The more we let out, that which is within; the less we rely on outward things, to drive who we are.

My thoughts and dreams are no different to yours – Dare to be different…..

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

A Mist of Greenery

It is noticeable recently how things are beginning to green up.

Each one takes its turn; buds and leaves bursting into life.

An orchestra of greenery, conducted by nature itself.


ColourTrees“ Just listen to it ”!