Sunday, 15 June 2008

The simple life

Looking for inspiration I glance through blogs and gaze out of the window; trying to think of something profound to write about. To be honest life has been pretty ordinary recently, very busy and fraught with oncoming changes but ordinary. We really don't like change and any tactics to delay the process creep into our daily life. But change happens as sure as sun comes up in the morning and there is nothing you or I can do about it. I saw a quote (somewhere) that said Today is the Tomorrow you worried about Yesterday; makes a lot of sense. So do we prepare for all eventualities and meet tomorrow head on or wrap ourselves up in a blanket of yesterdays?

We have missed a lot of yesterdays as I haven't written for a long time. Two weeks ago I went to Scotland with the family, the weather was fantastic and we got to do some walking. We stayed at a lovely cottage in Balquhidder (Rob Roy country), visited Stirling castle and Wallace monument. One treat was to see Red Kites at a centre near Doune, from the hide we saw around eleven birds. It was amazing to see how manoeuvrable they are despite their enormous 5-foot wingspan.

I was walking down the lane early one morning and decided to set my camera to manual focus, in the hopes of catching a deer or red squirrel; just at that moment a red squirrel ran right past me (within 2-feet) – off down the lane bushy tail bouncing along. I was so surprised it took a while to pick up my camera and try to catch him. He was more orange than red, like a hair dye gone wrong, other red squirrels are a deep red, it was like something out of Narnia.

I have been quite blessed for walking recently as the car has been out of action. It started in Scotland, an intermittent ignition fault that finally cut out completely last week. So I have been walking to the drop-in all week; down through the woods, over the stepping stones and up by the old mill, along valley gardens and into the town (great). But the car is back now and I guess I am back the old routine.

Last weekend we took a bunch or kids away and stayed at an activities centre; we climbed trees, abseiled, did some archery, orienteering, a night walk and went down a very high zip wire. Yes of course I went on all of these (I am not too old to enjoy myself). It was good to see the changes in the kids over the weekend; one young lad stopped half way up the baby tree, but before the end of the weekend he had mastered the daddy tree, abseiled and gone down the big zip wire.

Note to evening office: So what is profound and important to share? The simplicity of our life today and tomorrow, with all its images and sounds, feelings and thoughts (reflection).

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Lindisfarne - a thin place

Perched in a prayer hole part way down the cliff, I spent a few hours watching the tide come in. St Cuthbert island is seen in the photo above and Bambrough castle was in the distance further to my left (second picture). Further round still is the Farne islands themselves.
So peaceful just listening to the sea, the gulls and watching the occasional seal. Taking time to soak up the history, the prayers from men of old from this Holy Island.

(right) The crypt at
Marygate house.

Thank you to the guys that shared the weekend and for illuminating John's gospel.

Ps - the beer was good too....