Monday, 23 November 2015

A Long Journey Home

A novella - finally completed and available.

The story of Brother David: about his thoughts and dreams, people and places around him, existing both in the now and the past.

A Franciscan friar, David is content in his life but continually searching for something unknown – as if he were attempting to make a jigsaw without having the picture to show the finished image, and not knowing whether the piece he is picking up fits his jigsaw or someone else’s.

Set in North Yorkshire, the friary has many comings and goings, and David is very much part of this. He loves to wander, in the woods and moors – but also in his thoughts. A chance meeting and a string of curious events sparked David’s imagination and this searching journey seemed to run parallel to his own, at times more than overlapping and also challenging his beliefs.

This is a story, although some of the place names are familiar and the characters are more typical than real. We are all on a long journey home and although some of this journey must be on our own, others have often been there before us..

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A Yorkshire man, in love with the moors and writing his fist small novel. He has been telling stories for many a year, being brought up in this tradition – and finds a way to make them relevant to our everyday life. It seems there is much we can learn about ourselves, when we reflect on things gone by.

The writing of the book was a journey in itself, taking longer than expected, but perhaps that was the way it needed to be. As Brother David remarked; "We need an ending, to see where we are going."

Friday, 6 March 2015

Lenten reflection: Sacrifice

Galatians 1

Verse 4 who gave himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age, according to the will of our God and Father.
Paul was preaching after the death of Christ, about the sacrifice made for us.
Jesus stood in our place, for our wrong doings and paid the price. We remember the cost as through the Stations of the Cross and the services of Easter bring back the horrific death on the cross, of the one that came to rescue us from this evil world.
Thinking today – wouldn't it be nice if someone came along and paid off my mortgage, gave me a lump sum that would see me and my family right for the rest of our days; what if I could win the lottery? Money is not everything, if only I could have my health! And Paul tells us we are rescued.
The world is at war with fear and greed, we have enough but we will not share it, sickness and death is headline news. Can we imagine anything worse –
So what is it that Jesus Christ rescued us from, that was so evil? We have to wonder.
His love was so great for us that he willingly gave up his life that we might be free.

I am free to be at peace,
I am free to be happy and content with who I am and what I have
I am free to choose to love my neighbour
I am free to exercise compassion
I am free to forgive
I am free to serve
- It is my choice.

And this is the will of our God and father