Sunday, 12 September 2010


A 4-year old visitor to the friary today was fascinateP1080644d with my old binoculars.  I offered them to him, so he could watch the ships coming into port; he told me he already had a bright red pair.

I took time to explain never to look into the sun through these binoculars and how to adjust the focus. Would he understand the words focus, blurred, sharp or clear?

The old binoculars live on the landing windowsill and are set for my eye correction, they would need some adjustment before anyone else could use them. By handing these glasses to someone else does not guarantee them to see the same as I do.

The little boys bright red binoculars probably came free with a comic and have only clear plastic lenses; ideal for his world at the moment. For now, he understands that things in the distance can become clearer and he can come and take these glasses when he is ready.

Note to evening office: When curiosity finds a method; change often follows.


Tuesday, 7 September 2010

The nearest faraway place.


Its easy to be caught up in the daily doings, what ever they may be. Consumed by our work, home and all the other stuff that just keeps happening; you know what I mean. Just give me 5-minutes, I’ll do it later, I need to get away, I can manage!

I enjoy photography but I think that is just an excuse to go for a walk, a time to be on my own and to empty my head, or to process some of my concerns. The other morning after delivering an envelope I headed into the valley gardens and soon found myself by the river side, (fairy glen). I sat with my back against an old tree closed my eyes and just listened to the water. I was fascinated by the different sounds as the river rushed on by; I widened my listening and drew in the sounds of birds, trees in the wind and squirrels rustling in the leaves. It was as if I had stepped into another world and during this stay, my energy levels were being increased, the day at work seamed to go better, I was more at ease with myself and others.

Spirituality is not just about going to church; its about discovery; we can’t always find it in the busyness of the day. Jesus often went off on his own into the wilderness; I think he means for us to do the same. Someday in the future we may have booths we can step into and have light images and sound around us creating in us a better mood?  For me, I’ll stick to my walks in the woods and on the beach listening to the wildness of the sea.