Monday, 26 November 2007


The silver birch is standing tall, all the leaves have now gone. Still a young tree it looks very vulnerable when I think of our North east winters. Though it was necessary for the leaves to go, the young branches would not stand the weight of snow and there is goodness in the leaves for the ground life. The sea has been very rough recently though we are a few miles away I can hear it roaring when standing outside the back door. Just last week I looked out and caught sight of a rainbow, there was a pillar of colour standing a little higher than the parish church; I ran for my camera, large lens and tripod. It is nice to see a complete rainbow (sometimes a double) but these columns of light are amazing. The owls have returned, I have not heard them myself but a good neighbour heard them just the other night (kept her awake most the night she said).

I received an email from a friend far off who told me I should apply for a free book, it was regarding the end times. Evidently this is a prophet who has written a couple of books and (as they are so important) they are being given away free. I have received more emails now asking if I have sent for my copy. Being a suspicious Yorkshire man I looked up the author on the web, I did not go straight to his web site or any of the promotional sites linked to him. No, I found a web site that was telling me all about this man's dubious past and how we have heard all this before. It is interesting how we automatically want to discredit people, especially if what they are saying does not fit with us.

There has to be a line with this; the world seems full of truth / untruths / conspiracy theories and so many of them are cleverly woven. So where do I stand with all this? I know what I see in nature and the light and I base my time with people and tending to what is needed. The distractions can be only that, taking us away from what we are meant to be doing (what is important). Hours spent on the Internet, reading and discussing what might be! if we are "caught napping" when the Master returns, it will not go well for us. Focus on what is clearly true, so when you meet an untruth it will be seen for what it is
Note to evening office: Listen out for those owls, they are close by.

Sunday, 18 November 2007

Pirates Aboard

he day started out quite normal, we were expecting visitors but not quite the upheaval that followed. A small family who's visit expanded and didn't leave us till early evening; how I was looking forward to switching off and having some peace and quiet. How can one child have so much energy and captivate me, drawing me into his imagination and excitement.

The first strategy was to occupy this little 2 year old through a children's Tv programme, (there not being many toys or games around the friary). This soon wore thin though there was some interest in a Pirate ship, I set out to find some soft cushions, material and other bits and pieces. Before long we had a mighty galleon - a Pirate ship complete with hat and cutlass, (we couldn't get the parrot to stay on his shoulder).

Through the day these component parts became a racing car and a space shuttle, I wonder who's imagination was the greater? There seemed to be bursts of energy, tearing around on all fours and climbing all over me; what fun!

It was a welcome break to accept the job of washing up after the meal, I was happy to suggest the rest of the group left me to it. Soon I was down to the last of the cutlery, amongst the soapy water I could hear a last spoon or fork but where was it? I fumbled and pushed my fingers against the bottom of the sink till I had covered the whole area, but it was nowhere to be found. This didn't make sense, I knew it was there - I could hear it and sensed where it should be. Finally I had it, the little boys plastic spoon; no wonder I couldn't find it, it was almost floating. I expected to find a metal spoon at the bottom of the sink, I was surprised how confused I was and how I would not turn away from what I expected. I laughed and thought, how typical of me; I fix my mind on what I expect, what I assume should happen and often reject any possible alternatives. Then, as the truth emerges it is obvious and as if I had always known it.

Note to memo: Lord keep me from revelations and awaken me to the things I have always known.

Sunday, 11 November 2007

Many pieces

The friary is a hive of activity and relating it to bee's is the right thing to do; for it is in each person doing their part that enables it all to be done. Now I have noticed that some seem to be less busy than others, they seem to be quite content and blissfully unaware of the doings. This is not a winge on my part as I tend to be more content when I am busy. I guess I may be a little jealous; I find it difficult to set time aside for myself doing something I have wanted to do for a long time. Not being short on ideas and activities, projects and exploring; my head is like a library, full of books just waiting to be read - new knowledge - new skills. To be able to draw (successfully), paint, unlock the secrets of the stars or on a more practical side sort out the old family photos left by Aunt Mary.

It was during a time of searching through this library wondering what to start next that I decided to do a jigsaw. Realistically this was not a good idea as I did have a lot of other unfinished jobs and a 1,000 piece jigsaw of Notre Dame Cathedral is not a 5 minute task. It would on the other hand be some time on my own doing something I enjoy and I could leave it for a while and return now and then when I had time. There was a wind coming in off the sea and the weather looked bleak as I took myself off to the back room; the window looks out onto a most uninteresting part of the garden (no distractions), I turned up the radiator and began to clear the table.

For those of you familiar with jigsaws, it is a serious business and preparation is all important. Starting with the outside pieces, I remember my older sister always writing on the box (for next time) the number of outside pieces. It is not always easy to know whether you have the outside pieces in the right place - until you have the inside pieces (so that would be near enough for now). So there is a logical way of doing a jigsaw and it will depend very much on how difficult the picture is and everyone has their own way. Don't you just love it when there are lots of pieces that are clearly for one area or another but shades of autumn leaves, large areas of sky - paths - grass and roof!
I like to get on with a job and see it done, if there are going to be delays and lengthy tedious tasks - I loose faith that the job will ever be complete. The more I think about the jigsaw, the more it looks like my ever growing list of incomplete jobs; of course I could have chosen not to start it.

Focusing on the pieces my mind flits from one colour to the next, that surely goes to the bottom left and - isn't that part of the top window - perhaps I will just concentrate on the centre isle. Maybe I should learn to focus on one thing at a time and not be distracted till the first part is complete. I hope to tell you next week of my progress.
Note to evening office: in the chaos there is order - only visible after the event .