Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Creator & Creation - Christmas

Christmas and Incarnation: a timeless moment, when the creator becomes part of creation.

In our view of how things are, we see a creator (artist, sculptor) as someone who creates, stands back to view his creation with others; and said it was good.
Our understanding is routed in our timescale and knowing of how things are; it is essential to have the shepherds, sheep, wise men, Mary and Joseph. It is the angels that draw us into the mystery, although we now have them also routed in our reality; but they too are very much part of this story, as heavenly narrators.
To see the Christ child, vulnerable, wrapped in swaddling clothes and placed in a manger is a convenient position for us; full of sentiment and awe, which is reserved for new birth.
Whisper though to a small child and tell them “this Christ child threw stars into space before he was born here, and he has brought about an order that can only bring joy”.

Peering out of our windows in expectation of something much better, and wondering why it never arrives. Perfection and imperfection; “you sold me a dream that has become coloured and distorted; it’s as if it fits into something that is not real and becomes distant with time”.

The moments that count and form imprints on our being, are more often overlooked at the time. To be focused on happiness, contentment, love and passion for vocation; you know when such a moment has happened, for it touches the very core of who we are and screams out “this is me – this is who I can be”. Chasing after illusion and manufactured joy is the pastime of this world and falls so short every time.

The story of the Christ child and all that happened so many years ago is best viewed from the eyes of a child; so journey back with me, to that tender age when mystery, and all we held as dear, were one and the same. Become one with the creator as he has became one with his creation; believe in the possibility of wonder, beyond our imagining and the question will be answered
 “What is my part”?