Monday, 31 December 2007

What a Hoot

A merry Christmas and a happy New Year to one and all.
Where have you been I hear you say; well of course the truth is I have been nowhere at all.It is strange that the last thing I mentioned was to look out for the owls, last night as I walked through the village I heard them again up by the old cemetary.
Nothing has changed - though much has happened and I couldn't begin to tell you all about it. Losing emails and address book through a computer crash were minor irritations - sticking close to those who matter in times of need has been a priority.

his time of year brings presents, those to give and those to receive; the dreaded Christmas card list - lost with the emails and contents of the hard drive (I know, backup). I know I missed some folk and now feel I owe a little more than just a card; I feel some good New Years resoloutions coming on.

Freeview digital TV has arrived at the friary with flat screen cinema style viewing, we can freeze frame and with on demand - catch up TV - video - Dvd - hard drive recording; we shall never miss another programme again.
The illusion is controlling time, the reality is there is not enough time to cope with all the choices.

I love to look at the moon as astronomy was a bit of a hobby for me, brother Timothy has a great interest and we talk alot about the stars. The moon goes through it's phases and never changes; of course here in the Uk cloud cover keeps this celestial night light well hidden. However I managed to catch this photo earlier this month just befre it became full.
Note to evening office: Lord help me to focus on the things that do not change so I may cope better with the things that do.